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The Diocese of Lincoln

Home to 631 places of worship, 2,673 sq miles stretching from the Humber to the Wash and with an estimated population of 1,021,600, we are proud to be part of one of the largest dioceses in the country.

But our diocese is about so much more than facts and figures. We have a wealth of tradition in worship  many thousands of pilgrims over the centuries have made their way to Lincoln Cathedral, which was once the tallest building in the world, and Lincoln is still home to one of the four remaining copies of Magna Carta on which the very foundations of our constitution is built.

We have been home to the steel industry, the fishing industry and of course farming, for many generations, and the people of greater Lincolnshire have always adapted to change and been great innovators: draining the flood lands (started by Benedictine monks in Spalding Priory) to develop the fens which now supply produce to our nation and beyond; the Tank was invented here; and, of course, it was home to Sir Isaac Newton. It shouldnt surprise us then that our diocese is a trail blazer for new and innovative ways of working together. 

  • Bishop David is leading the Mission team, and his work helps us to re-focus on the joy of worship  bringing God's love into the hearts of everyone around us.

  • The Church Buildings team works tirelessly to maintain our rich heritage in the buildings we have, and to think creatively about how we can use them to support communities, through culture, art and simply providing a safe space.

  • Bishop Nicholas leads the Ministry team, which has an important role supporting our clergy, in a time when we continue to increase our numbers of stipendiary clergy.

  • All of these areas of work continue to be made possible and are managed by the Diocesan Secretary and the staff team.

Contact details for the diocesan office at Edward King House are:

Tel: 01522 50 40 50

Minster Yard