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Governance and Synod

When it comes to deciding how we can make the Diocese of Lincoln the very best it can possibly be, the opinion and wisdom of a large group is always better than the untested ideas of a few.

The Church of England is famous for the complexity of its committee structures, but each meeting has a purpose prayerfully and faithfully to put in place the structures, people, rules, support and budget to transform the lives of those in every community of the country. And our Diocesan Synod is especially important, because it draws together representatives across a large and diverse diocese to ensure that what is planned is done in the best interests of as many people as possible.

In this section, you’ll find details our governance structure, and how decisions are made in the Diocese of Lincoln.

Deanery Synod rules, as laid down by the Diocesan Synod

Deanery Synod Rules.pdf, 319 KB PDF document