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Bishop's Council

The Bishop's Council is the standing committee of the Diocesan Synod, and the main strategic body for the Diocese of Lincoln. The council receives progress reports and approves strategic plans from the diocesan administration, advises the Bishop on direction and policy, and approves the agenda for Diocesan Synod.

A Bishop's Council is required by the Church Representation Rules. They provide:

that there shall be a bishop's council and standing committee of the diocesan synod with such membership as may be provided by standing orders and with the functions exercisable by it under section 4(4) of the Measure and such other functions as may be provided by the standing orders or by these rules or by any Measure or Canon.
(Church Representation Rules 2011 34(1))

The role of Bishop's Council is a collaborative one. It works with the Bishop as both an advisory and a consultative body. Its duties are laid down by the Synodical Government Measure:

Except as may be provided by standing orders or directions of the diocesan synod, the advisory and consultative functions of the synod under subsections (2)(b) and (3) of this section may be discharged on behalf of the synod by the bishop's council and standing committee appointed in accordance with rule [34] of the Church Representation Rules contained in Schedule 3 to this Measure, but either the bishop or the body so appointed may require any matter to be referred to the synod.
Synodical Government Measure 1969 section 4(4) 

to advise the bishop on any matters on which he may consult the synod.
Synodical Government Measure section 4(2)(b)

 It shall be the duty of the bishop to consult with the diocesan synod on matters of general concern and importance to the diocese.
Synodical Government Measure section 4(3)

As the standing committee of diocesan synod, the Bishop's Council is able to transact business on behalf of diocesan synod between meetings and, in setting the agenda of diocesan synod meetings, it is able to take a view as to which matters are appropriate for report to diocesan synod, and which matters ought to be the subject of a debate at a full meeting of synod.


Currently, the members of the Bishop's Council are:


The Rt Revd Dr David Court, Bishop of Grimsby (chairs alternate meetings)
The Rt Revd Dr Nicholas Chamberlain, Bishop of Grantham (chairs alternate meetings)
The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln


The Ven Mark Steadman, Archdeacon of Stow and Lindsey
The Archdeacon of Boston, The Ven Dr Justine Allain Chapman
The Archdeacon of Lincoln, The Revd Canon Gavin Kirk

The Dean:

The Very Revd Christine Wilson

The Chairs of the Houses:

The Revd Canon Chris Lilley, Chair of the House of Clergy
Nigel Bacon, Chair of the House of Laity, 

The Chairs of Boards:

James Birch, Chair of the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance
Simon Ramshaw, Chair of the Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education 

Elected and nominated members:

The Revd Sonia Barron
The Revd Chris Boland
Chris Clarke
The Revd Richard Crossland
Prof Muriel Robinson OBE
Canon Paul Robinson OBE

Officers in attendance:

Angela Sibson OBE, Diocesan Secretary
Will Harrison, Secretary to the Council

Meeting dates 2017:

Wednesday 22 February, 6pm
Wednesday 3 May, 6pm
Wednesday 7 June, 6pm
Wednesday 6 September, 6pm
Wednesday 11 October, 6pm
Wednesday 6 December, 6pm

For more information, contact: 
Helen Doyle
Governance Administrator

Nomination forms relating to membership of Bishop's Council may be downloaded below:

NOMINATION Bishop's Council Clergy 2017.pdf, 217 KB PDF document
NOMINATION Bishop's Council Laity 2017.pdf, 264 KB PDF document