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Diocesan Board of Patronage

The Lincoln Diocesan Board of Patronage has a number of livings in the Diocese in its gift, and is responsible for nominating a priest to the Bishop when a vacancy arises.

The Board is sole Patron of:

Deanery    Benefice
       3            Barlings 
     10            Immingham 
     10            The Habrough Group 
     13            Bourne 
     15            Boultham 
     17            Moulton 
     22            Leasingham 
     22            Ruskington

The Board has a share in the Patronage of:

Deanery        Benefice
       2            The Lea Group
       2            The Saxilby Group
       2            The Stow Group
       3            The Springline Group (Ingham, etc) 
       5            Swallow
       5            The Barkwith Group
       5            The Middle Rasen Group
       5            Walesby
       6            Saxby
       6            The North Wolds Group (Barnetby, etc)
       7            The Marden Hill Group (Bolingbroke, etc)
       7            The Partney Group 
       7            The South Ormsby Group
       7            The Stickney Group
       8            Alford
       8            The Skegness Group
     10            The Keelby Group
     11            Bardney
     11            Hemingby Group
     11            The Asterby Group
     11            The Bain Valley Group (Coningsby, etc)
     11            The Fen and Hill Group (Mareham le Fen, etc) 
     11            The Woodhall Spa Group
     11            Wragby
     12            Legbourne & Woldmarsh
     12            The Binbrooke Group
     12            The Fotherby Group
     14            Castle Bytham w Creeton
     14            North Beltisloe Group
     16            Fleet with Gedney
     17            Cowbit
     17            The Ness Group (Thurlby, etc)
     18            The Graffoe Group (Navenby)
     18            Washingborough
     19            The Harlaxton Group
     20            Fishtoft
     21            Wyberton/Frampton
     22            Helpringham
     22            Kirkby Laythorpe
     22            The Digby Group 
     22            The South Lafford Group (Folkingham, etc)
     23            Ancaster/Wilsford Group
     23            Claypole

Election of new Board in process

Steven Sleight, Pastoral Secretary

For more information, contact
Steven Sleight, Pastoral Secretary
01522 504069