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Diocesan Synod

The Diocesan Synod is the body of representatives of the clergy and lay people in the diocese, which meets together with the bishops, archdeacons and other senior post holders in the diocese to discuss matters of concern to the Diocese of Lincoln, and to make provision for those things that require some form of action or statement. 

Digests of the most recent meetings of Diocesan Synod are published below:

Synod Digest - November 2017.pdf, 349 KB PDF document
Synod Digest - July 2017.pdf, 342 KB PDF document
Synod Digest - March 2017.pdf, 445 KB PDF document

Synod Digests 2016:

Synod Digest March 2016.pdf, 1384 KB PDF document
Synod Digest - July 2016.pdf, 1385 KB PDF document
Synod Digest - November 2016.pdf, 1386 KB PDF document


The Synod may from time to time express its opinion on matters of religious or public interest. The Bishop of Lincoln consults the Synod about matters when it is appropriate to do so. The Synod also has a role in representing the views of the Diocese of Lincoln to the General Synod and wider national Church, particularly when asked to do so by the General Synod or Archbishops’ Council. 

The Synod receives the accounts of the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance Ltd, and approves the total amount of Parish Share to be collected each year. 

It is important that the Synod reflects the range of views and opinions present in our churches, and that it goes about its business prayerfully and faithfully. The Diocesan Synod may not make any statement purporting to declare the doctrine of the Church; this role is reserved for the General Synod.

Diocesan Synod standing orders

Diocesan Synod Standing Orders July 2015.pdf, 262 KB PDF document

The Diocesan Synod is made up of three Houses – that is, three sets of members: the bishops, the other clerical members, and the laity (the non-clerical members). These are referred to as the House of Bishops, the House of Clergy, and the House of Laity. When it is appropriate to do so these Houses meet separately; for instance, when a matter before the Diocesan Synod affects the clergy and laity in different ways, or when electing chairs of the houses. However, normally the Diocesan Synod meets together as a whole. It usually meets three times each year.

There are 217 members (clergy/lay) from parishes across the diocese, elected by Deanery Synod members.

Diocesan Synod representation, 2015-2018

Diocesan Synod Representation 2015-2018.pdf, 209 KB PDF document


The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson
Bishop of Lincoln 

Vice President (House of Clergy): 
The Revd Canon Christopher Lilley

Vice President (House of Laity):
Mr Nigel Bacon 

Will Harrison is currently on secondment to Lincoln Cathedral. For the time being, please direct any correspondence to:

Helen Doyle
Governance Administrator

01522 50 40 33