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Who's who

The Who's Who has been developed to help you find the contact information for the relevant support officer at the diocesan office, or member of the Bishops' office, Archdeacons' office, Lincoln School of Theology, Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust and the diocesan registrar.

Links to these offices are available below:

The Bishop's Office

The Archdeacons' Office

Diocesan Support Staff

Diocesan Registrar

Lincoln School of Theology

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

The directory detailing contact information for the diocesan and suffragan bishops, archdeacons and staff team at Edward King House is currently being updated and will be published here as soon as possible.

Other contact search facilities

A Church Near You and online diocesan directory 

The contact details for the diocesan support office at Edward King House are:

Tel: 01522 50 40 50

If you have any queries regarding the website, please contact the Revd Adrian Smith, Communications Officer, on 01522 50 40 37 (or via email).

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