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Collective worship

In all Anglican schools worship should reflect the rich traditions of prayer and worship that characterize the worldwide community of Christians.  School policy and practice also need to conform to legal requirements concerning worship, in that it must take place every day and should follow the requirements of the Trust Deed.  In community schools the requirements for the content of collective worship, while less specific, also necessitate that worship should reflect the broad traditions of Christian belief and be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character'.

The Lincoln Diocesan team regard collective worship as a centrally important element of school life. It should be an enjoyable and uplifting time for adults and young people alike.

To help answer the questions...

  • How can we be distinctive in our worship?

  • How can we be explicitly Christian without being oppressive?

  • How can we be inspirational, rather than institutionalized?

  • How can we provide a safe atmosphere in which pupils can talk and think freely about God?

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Advent Reflections for Children

For further information regarding Collective Worship, please contact:

Carol Acheson 
School Effectiveness Advisor
T: 01522 50 41 02