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Our Vision

A Diocesan Vision for Church Schools 

Church schools serving their communities through excellence, exploration and encouragement within the love of God. The Diocese of Lincoln is called to faithful worship, confident discipleship and joyful service. Our Church schools bear witness to our belief that every child is made in the image of God and loved by Him. They were founded for the good of their local communities, so that children can be educated through the values and stories of Christianity. This booklet seeks to facilitate a common understanding of the purpose and aims of Church school education within the Diocese of Lincoln. It is intended to sit comfortably with your own school vision, not to replace it. The result of the school, parish and diocese having a single understanding should be one of shared informed prayer and action, to further the needs of community and individuals. It provides an opportunity to strengthen links and to enable engagement with the diocesan vision of faithful worship, confident discipleship and joyful service.

3 Foreword by the Bishop of Lincoln
4 What is a Church school?
5 The Diocesan Vision for Church school education
7 How we can use the vision?
21 Quotations from the Bible – in full
24 Glossary
25 A School Prayer & A School Creed