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Confident Discipleship Course

A course to help explore discipleship in your church

This five session course is designed to get the Church in Greater Lincolnshire thinking and talking about what it means to be a ‘disciple’ of Jesus Christ today. As a diocese we are called by God to faithful worship, confident discipleship, and joyful service. Learning from the Bible and from each other, we will have the opportunity to:

  • think more deeply about what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ, moving beyond being just ‘believers’ or ‘churchgoers’

  • be affirmed, challenged and equipped to live out our faith in daily life

  • become more excited about what a life lived with Jesus can be like

  • discover appropriate resources for the journey ahead

  • become more confident disciples of Jesus

The five sessions of the course are based around the journey that Jesus’ first disciples travelled:

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Each session will follow the same outline:

Welcome                    Gathering, getting to know one another better

Word                           Reflecting on the Bible and what it might be saying to us

Worship                      Responding in prayer and worship

Where?                       Where does all this apply to me, and where will what I’ve discovered today
                                     take me?

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To order a hard copy of the resource please call the Discipleship Team on 01522 50 40 80 or email