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Resourcing ministry and mission in sport

During the year up to September 2016, 16 million people aged 16 years and over in England played sport at least once a week*. Recognising the significance of sport and fitness in our culture, Church of England dioceses have been encouraged to consider how they might engage in this area of mission and ministry. In our diocese, a small working group has been exploring opportunities for mission and ministry in sport.

Exploring opportunities – as we go forwards as a diocese together, there will be three levels of engagement: we will explore mission and ministry in sport at a diocesan level, through the local church and as individuals.

Diocesan level –
throughout the diocese we will be:

  • encouraged to develop a culture and theology that celebrates sport as part of a wider celebration of life, helping to bridge some perceptions of a disconnection between faith and real life

  • resourced in sports mission and ministry in the areas of worship, discipleship and service.

The local church –
through the local church there could be opportunities to:

  • recognise the importance of supporting and encouraging those involved in sport and fitness at all levels

  • offer quality, sports-related events for people to spend time together and hear a short gospel message.

As individuals –
as individuals we will be encouraged to:

  • live out our faith through our involvement in sport at professional, recreational and spectator level

  • consider how sport and fitness can be important factors in our general wellbeing.

More information and resources relating to mission and ministry in sport will follow.

For further information please contact:
Richard Steel
T: 01522 50 40 50

Links to further information and helpful resources will appear here in due course.