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A service for the world

22 April 2015

St Radegund’s church in Grayingham could be the first Church of England church to broadcast their Sunday service over the internet, using an ‘app’ called Periscope.

On 3rd May, the small village of Grayingham, Lincolnshire, could be making history. The rural village is not an obvious candidate for trail-blazing technology, but this forward thinking community may be the first in the country to broadcast their Sunday service live to the rest of the world, using the internet and their newly installed Wi-Fi mast.

The Revd Kathy Colwell is excited at the prospect of increasing her congregation to a potential audience of thousands. “We usually have around 25 people in our congregation, which is good for a village of our size, but to have the opportunity to increase that number is very exciting,” said Kathy.

“The introduction of the Wi-Fi mast to our church and our community has opened so many opportunities to us and hopefully we can inspire more churches to follow suit,” she said. “It enables us to take the word of God to people who maybe can’t make it to church, or even to a whole new audience.”

St Radegund’s church had the mast installed by Quickline Communications late last year, and will be using their super fast broadband to beam the service worldwide from their new Twitter account @st_radegund, using the increasingly popular Periscope app.

The service will start at 9.00am and feature a guest preacher and organ scholar Thomas Mack. The 50minute service will be broadcast over Twitter and can be seen by following @st_radegund. The Diocese of Lincoln will also be sharing the link on our Twitter feed @CofELincoln.