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An invitation to join in Lenten contemplation

08 February 2016

A message from Angela Sibson OBE, Diocesan Secretary:

Ash Wednesday is this week and marks the beginning of Lent. I am planning to repeat my Lenten knitting exercise, which involves me committing to spend some time every day in contemplative knitting, producing squares that can be put into a blanket for an elderly person. 

Some of you joined me last year and together we were able to produce something warm, bright and cosy that went to St John’s Home in North Hykeham. It was a beautiful thing and reflected a great deal of prayer and work – we had to steel ourselves to give it away! 

This year I shall be doing the same thing: 4 by 4 for Lent – squares 4” by 4” knitted on 4mm needles (size 8 in old gauge) in the equivalent of double knitting wool. I shall also be adding mad flowers in crochet at a later stage, having seen a picture sent to me by Jackie Waters-Dewhurst of socks with flowers on. I’d be delighted if anyone would like to join me in producing squares – the more the merrier and cosier.

The sight of the blanket prompted one or two people to say that they would love to learn to knit or crochet and so this year for the five Fridays in Lent, there’ll be a chance to have a go. At lunchtime, from 12.30pm to 2.00pm, somebody will be in my office ready to teach you how to do it. It’s really not hard and it's very satisfying. I will put some materials by so no need to worry about that. Bring your own lunch, though!

Then again, some people said that woolcraft was not their thing, so if you have a craft project of any kind that you would like to do in company on those Fridays, please bring it along together with your own lunch as above. I am not sure how I will accommodate potters, tie-dyers or tanners, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Whatever you do for Lent may I wish you a prayerful transformative time for growth.