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Church in Aslackby extends warm welcome

11 September 2017


On a fine day in August a group of people with early onset dementia – members of Dementia Support South Lincs’ (DSSL) Square Hole Club – enjoyed a day ‘down on the farm’.

The day included a visit to see a collection of vintage tractors in Sempringham during the morning, and this was followed by a demonstration of combine harvesting in Aslackby in the afternoon. Fittingly, lunch was a ploughman’s lunch, and this was served in the church of St James the Great in Aslackby, the first dementia-friendly church in the diocese. It has been said that this beautiful parish church was filled with chatter and laughter.

The Square Hole Club, part of DSSL, currently supports around 200 families living with dementia in the Deepings, Bourne and Stamford areas. The club is specifically for people with early onset dementia, or those in the early stages of dementia, and meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. It provides an everyday environment where members can engage in ‘normal’ activities, contribute to what happens, and be supported appropriately, while their carer takes a break.

Regular activities can include word and image games, dominoes and puzzles, as well as physical activities such as dancing, hoopla or Tai Chi. In addition to the day out at the farm, other days have included a visit to Foxdale Equine Assisted Learning and Scalextric racing.

Further information is available from the DSSL website and Facebook page

Kate Marshall is the Dementia Specialist at DSSL and she may be contacted via email.