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Church of England launch #washday15

03 February 2015

The Church of England have launched their new campaign #washday15.

Washday is all about taking part in practical social action during Lent and Holy Week.

It encourages people to go out and wash anything and everything! It could be cleaning windows for people who would find that difficult, washing a car, washing clothes for homeless people, or washing up mugs in an office.

The project is a new take on Maundy Thursday, where traditionally, church people have washed people’s feet – or more recently offered free shoe-shining on the street, as a way of telling the story of the Last Supper.

You can do your washing on Maundy Thursday itself, during Holy Week, or at some other point during Lent if that is easier. Then post your pictures and videos using the hashtag #washday15 to inspire others.

Use your imagination and think how you could make a real difference in your community. #Washday is a great opportunity to tell the Easter story in a fun and creative way, but it's not a one day wonder. Loving your neighbour is one way of loving God. And that’s something that lasts all year.

For more information, or to download a schools' resources pack and get involved, visit, or follow @washday15 on Twitter.

Below is an interview with Sarah Meyrick from the Diocese of Oxford. In it, Sarah explains more about #washday15 to Jillian Moody.

SarahWashday.MP3, 4304 KB Sound file