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Diocesan Prayer Diary for January 2017: sharing in prayer

22 December 2016


As mentioned in recent e-bulletins, the diocesan prayer diary will be published in a new format in 2017. This will mean that each benefice is prayed for during the year, and incumbents will be contacted in advance to ask for their help in compiling a small amount of information for their parish(es). 

It is hoped that this new trial format will help us to share specific prayer requests and to further support one another, and the life of the diocese, in prayer as we progress through the year.

As part of a two-month trial, the calendar will be published on a monthly basis and may be downloaded here (A paper copy of the calendar may also be obtained by contacting Simon Dean on 01522 50 40 50 or by contacting him via email.)

As part of the trial we would be pleased to receive your feedback (directed to the Revd Adrian Smith, Communications Officer) so that we can further develop this important resource and help us to come together in prayer.