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Diocesan Sale of Work provides food for schoolchildren

05 January 2016

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Some children in our diocesan family of schools in Greater Lincolnshire rely on their midday meal for their nourishment and growth. In their school holidays these children often have to go without unless there is a local scheme to provide extra meals. In general, these have to be paid for by donations and small grants here and there.

The staff team at the diocesan parish support office, Edward King House, decided to respond and help out with these costs by organizing a traditional Sale of Work in the Cathedral Chapter House during the Lincoln Christmas Market weekend. They knitted and sewed and baked and made an amazing range of creative things to sell, and they raised a total of £1279.29 towards the costs of feeding these children.

Reflecting on the success of the sale, Angela Sibson, Diocesan Secretary, said: The staff team have really taken this cause to their hearts and roped in their friends and family as well. Our schoolchildren are important members of our diocesan family and making this contribution for them is important to us. We hope to do more in the months to come.” 

Commenting on this initiative, Bishop Christopher said: “I’m delighted to hear of the early success of this project to support children and families in our county who find themselves in poverty. It is a very important and very worthy cause, and I wholeheartedly support the diocesan staff, their friends and family in all that they are collectively trying to offer and achieve for this particular purpose.” In addition, the Diocesan Director of Education, Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, stated that “It is really encouraging for head teachers to feel supported in their work in helping their children to be ready for school.”

It is now hoped that this valuable work will be continued into the new year, beginning in Lent, and more information will follow.