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Ecumenical relationships and fresh expressions

03 May 2017

We are pleased to share news of two recent appointments to important roles in the life, ministry and mission of the diocese...


The Bishop of Lincoln is pleased to announce that the Revd Kathy Colwell has accepted his invitation to serve as the Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Lincoln.

Kathy is currently Rector of Kirton in Lindsey with Manton (which is part of an aspiring local ecumenical partnership); Bishop Norton, Waddingham and Snitterby; and Grayingham, and she is looking forward to taking up this additional opportunity to serve the diocese. “Every diocese has an ecumenical officer,” she says, “and I will be looking to hear more about examples of current ecumenical work in our diocese, and, where needed, to be a source of advice and further support.”

It has been said that a key element of the role of an ecumenical officer is to ‘connect, encourage and communicate’, and Kathy will have an opportunity to speak on behalf of Anglicans on ecumenical matters and to represent an ecumenical point of view within the life of the diocese. She will be well placed to advise on practical matters, such as the possible sharing of church buildings, and she has identified the links between the diocese and overseas ecumenical partners as an area for further exploration.

As a starting point, Kathy is issuing an invitation to parishes to get in touch: “I’m hoping that parishes will tell me about their ecumenical work and relationships, and perhaps invite me to come and see what they’re doing,” she says. “No matter how informal or small scale, please do get in touch.”

Kathy may be contacted by calling 01652 64 05 52 or via email.


The Revd David Bartlett is to serve as the new Diocesan Fresh Expressions Enabler. David, who is currently the Vicar of Bardney, is moving from his role of discipleship adviser and is looking forward to taking on this new challenge, which will involve some initial research and the provision of advice, resources and ongoing support.

“The role of enabler,” he explains, “is about discovering what already exists, to see how it is going and to offer help and support. It will also be helping to identify what may be and how it could happen, and working alongside those who have ideas, supporting and resourcing them in making it happen.”

As a diocese,” he says, “we are looking for ways that communities and individuals might be transformed, and one of the ways is to explore new ways of being church for those who don’t yet come, that they too might find a place in God’s family.”

David will also be directly involved with the Mission Shaped Ministry course, with an emphasis on helping those taking part in the course to create local projects. “This will be a case of helping people to apply their learning to where they live,” he says, “and looking with them at any issues that they might face and to help them to overcome them. My role will be to help people in our diocese and to connect, resource and, where needed, to negotiate, such as in terms of oversight and accountability.”

David has said that he plans to establish a group of people who will support and advise those exploring and looking to establish new ways of being church, but first he asks for those involved with a fresh expression to get in touch and share what is happening in their local area with him. He would also like to visit deanery chapters and deanery synods to explain how fresh expressions can work alongside and with local churches. David may be contacted by calling 01526 39 73 63 or via email.

Please join us in praying for Kathy and David as they take on these roles.