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Finsbury Park Attack: joint statement

22 June 2017

The chairman of the Islamic Association of Lincoln and the Bishop of Lincoln have issued a joint statement after the attack at Finsbury Park on Monday 19 June.


Joint statement from 
Professor Tanweer Ahmed, Chairman of the Islamic Association of Lincoln

and The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln

We have been appalled and sickened by the cowardly attack on a group of people who had just finished their prayers at Finsbury Park Mosque in the early hours of Monday morning.

Reports suggest that this atrocity may have been motivated by an element of retaliation for attacks we have seen in recent weeks in London and Manchester. There are no circumstances in which retaliation for the actions of terrorists, who pursue a twisted and perverse version of a faith, can ever be justified. Ordinary, peaceful communities, witnessing to God and fulfilling their obligations to their belief, appear to have been targeted simply because of their faith.

We are all created by God. We are all brothers and sisters through humanity. Each of us has a duty to build our communities, locally, nationally and across the world, and not to destroy them. Any attack against a group of peaceful people, their homes or their places of worship, is utterly abhorrent.   

We stand together in the strongest condemnation of all acts of violence and abuse, and pray for peace in our world and for the flourishing of our common humanity.


It is possible to listen to a joint interview on Rod WhitingSunday Breakfast programme on BBC Radio Lincolnshire by following this link (the audio is available for a limited time and may be found 39 minutes and 11 seconds into the programme).