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First LST Common Award BA Theology students graduate

15 February 2017

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Margaret Smith, a Reader in the Woodhall Spa Group of Parishes, reports on a recent graduation service held in Durham Cathedral...

Question: ‘What do a sign-writer, a nurse, a museum education assistant, an accountant, a surgeon, a businesswoman, and a PA Admin Assistant have in common?

Answer: Lincoln School of Theology (LST), a certain BA Theology course, and a meeting in the cold, crisp dawn on Palace Green in front of Durham Cathedral.  

In January, seven people, some of whose former roles encompass the above descriptions, met on Durham Cathedral’s Palace Green. We were gathered to receive our BA degree awards, which had been awarded after study at Lincoln School of Theology and accredited through Durham University’s Common Award scheme.

As we stood in the common room of the Great Hall, and then waited to be called forward to enter the cathedral, I’m sure many differing thoughts, feeling and emotions were flying through our minds. As the first cohort of people to attempt this new study scheme at LST, we each probably thought back to when our studies had begun in early January 2015. Many modules later, and with a few hiccups along the way (it wouldn’t be worthwhile study without those!), here we were at Durham Cathedral.

The majority of us who were gathered are well known at  and to  LST, as many of us had completed our Reader Training course there just a few years before (our thanks must go to the Revd Dr Sally Myers, Principal of LST, for her calming and caring demeanour). And as it was the season of Epiphany, and in view of the coldness of that early morning day, the first few words of T S Eliot’s ‘Journey of the Magi’ come to mind: ‘A cold coming we had of it…’ The coming may have been cold, but the warmth of gladness in the mutual greeting of old friends once more very quickly warmed our hearts and minds.

We send our congratulations to all of the graduates. More details on LST may be found here