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Gainsborough Week of Guided Prayer 'has changed my life'

07 November 2016


“You have given me permission to be me”: the words of one of the participants from the Week of Guided Prayer that was held at Gainsborough All Saints in September.

Led by Canon Stephen Hoy (Diocesan Spirituality Adviser) and a team of prayer guides, 20 people took part in the week. Participants met with a prayer guide each day for five days and they committed themselves to a half-hour daily prayer using a pattern of stillness, reflection on scripture, thanksgiving and response, prompting a further reaction of: “The week brought me great joy – it was so rewarding – you have opened up my prayer in a way I could not have imagined.”

Canon Mike Cooney, vicar at All Saints, said that the week had also opened up a conversation in the wider congregation. “The Week of Guided Prayer was the culmination of a year of prayer and spirituality at All Saints, he said, and it was wonderful to see so many people engaging in the week. A renewed interest in prayer and spirituality has rippled out from the participants to the whole church. The week certainly had a big impact on everyone who took part, and prayer and spirituality is now seen as a core activity and concern at All Saints.”

As one of the participants also said, “This week has been so important to me – it has transformed my understanding of prayer, and I think it has changed my life!” If your parish or benefice would be interested in exploring the possibility of holding a Week of Guided Prayer, please contact Canon Stephen Hoy on 01522 525 621 or via email for more information.