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General Synod passes vote on women bishops

14 July 2014

General Synod votes 'yes' to women bishops

The Church of England has passed a measure which will permit women to become bishops.

The landmark decision was made following a vote taken during this afternoon's General Synod, being held in York, following several hours of debate.

The voting was as follows:
House of Bishops
37 in favour
2 against
1 abstention

House of Laity
152 in favour
45 against
5 abstention

House of Clergy
162 in favour
25 against
4 abstentions 

The Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend Christopher Lowson, said: "I have always been fully supportive of this proposal and am delighted that General Synod has now voted in favour of allowing women to become bishops.

"Lincoln's Diocesan Synod voted overwhelmingly in favour of the motion back in March and, in fact, all of the Church of England's dioceses gave their backing to the draft legislation demonstrating very clearly the level of support for this measure.

"The new legislation places a responsibility on diocesan bishops to ensure everyone in their Diocese is properly supported and cared for.

"This is a great day for the Church which will now be able to reflect the full scope of gifts available in its leaders. I very much look forward to seeing the appointment of the first woman bishop in the near future."