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Give #anothergift this Christmas

16 December 2014

Christian charity Acts 435 is asking people to spread the word about how a small financial gift can really help someone in poverty in the UK.

Over the month of December Acts 435 will be tweeting using the hashtag #anothergift, from their account @acts435. They hope to encourage people to consider giving one more gift to someone in poverty this Christmas.

They have also put together some packs filled with posters, leaflets and decorations suitable for Sunday school classes or primary school lessons. The pack is filled with decorations to decorate your very own Acts 435 Christmas tree in your church, school or community group to help raise awareness for those less fortunate and in need.

Acts 435 was inspired by the acts of the early disciples of the risen Christ who shared their possessions, and passed money to the apostles to give to anyone who had need. These acts are described in Acts 4:32 to 4:35, giving the charity it’s name.

The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, is patron of the charity and says: “Acts 435 is a fantastic initiative which puts people who are in need in touch with those who can help. It is a very simple idea, but a very exciting one! I am proud that the Church is taking practical steps to help those facing practical difficulties.”

There are several case studies online about people who have received donations for a range of causes, from money towards heating and carpets, to travel expenses to be able to see loved ones at Christmas.

For more information, or to sign up or donate to Acts 435, visit their website There you can download resources and read case studies of the people helped by the charity.

If you would like an Acts 435 Christmas Tree Pack then email or call 0770 3453862