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Joining together in a 'Wave of Prayer' as part of 'Thy Kingdom Come'

06 May 2016

As has been widely publicised, Thy Kingdom Come aims to encourage churches across England to join together in a week of prayer in the days leading up to Pentecost between the 8th and the 15th of May this year.

There has been a great response to the invitation to request free copies of the Conversations at the Crossroads Nine Days of Prayer booklets, which have been produced by The Diocese of Canterbury.

Here follows some diocesan-based material to be used in conjunction with the booklets, together with some helpful links that will be used as part of this national wave of prayer.

Nine days of prayer: Ascension to Pentecost

Transform the lives of those who live in Greater Lincolnshire

Using the Conversations at the Crossroads Nine Days of Prayer booklets as a guide, you might wish to follow this pattern of prayer as we focus on God and the potential suggested by the word 'Transform'.

LOOK at the images for each day; WAIT prayerfully for Holy Spirit; READ the bible passage; LISTEN to what God might be saying; INTERCESS using the headings for each day, and finally RESPOND by using the Collect for the day.

Friday, 6th May
Thankfulness for God’s generosity to us;
Transform the lives of those who live in Greater Lincolnshire;
Transformed hearts and minds;
Teach us to persevere through times of hardship;
Trust in God through all things.

Pray for the offices of the bishops, the archdeacons and the central staff at Edward King House.


Saturday, 7th May
'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand'. Jesus said, so let us turn away from sin and turn to the Lord, confessing our sins in penitence and faith;
Reconciliation and healing for past hurts and wounded histories;
Resilience within different situations that we as individuals, our communities and churches experience;
Respect and love for our neighbour and our enemies.

Pray for the deaneries of Manlake, Horncastle, and Beltisloe.


Sunday, 8th May
Ask God for opportunities to show God’s love in word and deed;
Against war, adversity and poverty;
Allow us to be more Christ-like Christians.

Pray for the deaneries of Corringham, Bolingbroke, and Stamford.


Monday, 9th May
New life in the diocese;
New vision and calling for our churches in the communities we serve;
National situations that affect our local communities.

Pray for the deaneries of Yarborough, Calcewaithe and Candleshoe, and Loveden.


Tuesday, 10th May
Signs of the love of God through word and deed;
Send us out in the power of your Spirit;
Seeing and hearing the community in which we live through your eyes and your ears;
Servant-hearted mission;
Seeking wisdom and clarity in the work that we already do.

Pray for the deaneries of Lawres, Lafford, and Grantham.


Wednesday, 11th May
For 5 people who are not yet Christians;
Forgive us for the times we forget you;
Friends, family and colleagues;
Food for the hungry (whether physical or spiritual food).

Pray for the deaneries of West Wold, Graffoe, and Elloe East.


Thursday, 12th May
Obedience to the call of Jesus to ‘follow him’;
Openness to the Holy Spirit and the word of God;
Opened eyes and ears to see what God is doing in Greater Lincolnshire;
Offering our gifts and talents to you for your works to be done on earth.

Pray for the deaneries of Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Haverstoe, Christianity, and Elloe West.


Friday, 13th May
Respond to the needs of the local community;
Refuge for those who are in need;
Receive the water of life.

Pray for the deaneries of Isle of Axholme, Louthesk, and Holland.


Saturday, 14th May
Making new disciples of Jesus Christ in our communities;
More of your abundant love and life to be seen in Greater Lincolnshire;
Mercy, that it might be at the heart of our faith;
Meaningful encounters with people.

Pray for the Diocese of Lincoln to respond to its call by God to faithful worship, confident discipleship and joyful service, and to be a healthy, vibrant and sustainable Church transforming lives in greater Lincolnshire.

During this time there is to be an octave of prayer, including an Evangelism Talk on Saturday the 14th of May, hosted by the Lincoln School of Theology. For more information please see below:

LST Octave and Evangelism Talks.pdf, 61 KB PDF document

In this short 
film, The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks about the week-long wave of prayer this Pentecost.

Please share your stories by contacting us in the Communications Department, on Facebook and on Twitter at @CofELincoln and @thykingdom_come using 

We were very pleased to hear of the activities planned at St John the Evangelist, Manthorpe, near Grantham. For full details please click here



In addition, The Corby Glen Group of Churches is to host a 'Pentecost Festival':


A PDF version of this poster is available here:

Corby Glen Group Pentecost Festival.pdf, 231 KB PDF document

At 7pm on Sunday, 15th May there will be an opportunity to share in a special service for Pentecost. The service will be broadcast via Facebook here

Liturgical resources, published by The Church of England, are available here

For more information please also see Thy Kingdom Come