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'Mablethorpe Passion Play on the Prom'

13 February 2017

A Passion Play about the last week of Jesus’ life, leading to his crucifixion, is to be performed at Mablethorpe on Good Friday (Friday, 14th April 2017; 11am).

An audience of up to 1000 people will gather in the coastal town to occupy the area around the Central Pullover (next to the fairground), with eight scenes from the last week of Jesus’ life set to be acted out.

In the first scene, Jesus will appear on a donkey surrounded by a crowd of children and adults waving palm branches. The trial before Pontius Pilate takes place on the steps to the fairground, and the final scene, the crucifixion, will be set high up on a grassy mound.


The producer, the Revd Canon Chris Lilley (pictured), who has taken the role of Jesus in two previous productions, has said, “I am very excited about the Mablethorpe Passion Play on the Prom. We have a script especially adapted for the town, and a very dedicated cast who have been rehearsing for three months. I hope that many people will flock to Mablethorpe on the morning of Good Friday.”

The Mablethorpe Passion Play is free of charge and refreshments will be available afterwards.

For more details, please call Chris on 01507 44 00 39, or contact him via email
A fully costumed dress rehearsal will take place on Palm Sunday (9th April) at 3pm.
Scenes could be recorded, photos taken and cast members interviewed at this rehearsal.