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New Church ad campaign launched

11 December 2014

Christmas Starts With Christ have launched a new ad campaign to rival that of retail giants John Lewis and Sainsbury's.

A screen shot from the advert

The advert, which will be live on Youtube from midday today, depicts a couple sat by the fire admiring their new baby on Christmas Day. The scene then begins to change and rolls back to show Mary and Joseph sat admiring the baby Jesus, who does something never before heard on TV, he giggles!

Francis Goodwin, who heads up the Christmas Starts with Christ campaign said: “The supermarket viral ads, which were released last month, offered a ‘feel good’ take on Christmas designed to influence consumers into spending money with them. But they all avoided any reference to the religious meaning of the season. We thought it was time to produce the Christmas ad which the supermarkets are unable to make - one which shows where the feel good factor comes from. We are asking people to watch it, judge for themselves and share it with friends.”

He continued: “There have been a variety of reactions to the supermarket Christmas ads this year. However, they all have one thing in common. Each ad is trying to claim they have the ‘magic’ of Christmas and that if you shop with them then you will experience it. But it is not celebrities singing about turkeys, nostalgic chocolate bars or happy penguins that lie at the heart of Christmas. What the supermarkets are unable to say is where the real ‘magic’ lies and where it comes from. The Christmas Starts with Christ ad takes the viewer to the moment where Christmas began. It is magical. Go and see it for yourself."

The Rt Revd Dr David Court, Bishop of Grimsby thinks that the ad campaign is a good idea. "I think it’s a very simple effective way of bringing us back to the reality of the wonder of Christmas, God himself born into a very ordinary human family," he said. "It's great that the Church is using modern means of communication to ‘proclaim afresh’in an electronic age what it knows to be true."

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