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People have been stepping into Christmas in Skegness

12 December 2014

The Skegness Fellowship of Churches has been spreading the Christmas story to shoppers in Skegness’ Hildred’s Centre.


The shop called ‘Step into Christmas’ was provided to the fellowship for free and contained stalls providing information about the various groups in their network. Eight groups from the fellowship manned the unit over the 14 days including the Storehouse Church, Organ Outreach, St Matthew’s Church and the Church of the Nazarene.

Natalie Nicholls from the Storehouse Church has been taking part in the project and manning the store over the two-week period. She has seen great generosity and a lot of interest in the shop: “We’ve had lots of people enquiring about the shop and asking what we do and it’s been great to be able to tell people about the true meaning of Christmas whilst they shop for their Christmas gifts,” said Natalie. “We have also seen some great donations with people donating money to the Fellowship of Churches and filling our food hamper to give to the Storehouse.”

Natalie said that the overall project has been a success and the fellowship could benefit from a full-time shop front: “This has been a great opportunity for the fellowship to work together and meet fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. We have also seen people come in asking for information, who may not have necessarily gone into a church.”

Steve Andrews is the Manager of the Hildred’s Centre and spoke of his pride in helping to spread the true meaning of Christmas. “I am proud to be able to offer the unit to the Fellowship of Churches for free. They play a vital role in Skegness and it is good to use the pop-up shop for people to come in and talk, no matter what religion, and experience the extraordinary work they all do for Skegness.” 

The shopping mall has raised over £48,000 in the past year for local charities and good causes, by giving vacant units out for free to local charities and organisations. “The Hildred’s will always support local groups and organisations and this is just a way in which we can give a little back to our community.”

The project has now come to an end, but the fellowship believes it has been a great success and has given them the chance to spread the story of Christmas.