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Prayers released in response to Paris terror attack

08 January 2015

The Church of England have issued the following prayers in response to the Paris terror attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday.

Compassionate God and Father of all, we are horrified at violence in so many parts of the world. It seems that none are safe, and some are terrified. Hold back the hands that kill and maim; turn around the hearts that hate. Grant instead your strong Spirit of Peace - peace that passes our understanding but changes lives, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


God of Hope, we come to you in shock and grief and confusion of heart. Help us to find peace in the knowledge of your loving mercy to all your children, and give us light to guide us out of our darkness into the assurance of your love, In Jesus Christ our Lord.


Merciful God, hear the cries of our grief, for you know the anguish of our hearts. It is beyond our understanding and more than we can bear. We pray that justice may be done and that we may treasure the memory of their lives more than the manner of their death. For Christ's sake.