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Recent appointments around the diocese

28 November 2017

The Bishop of Lincoln is pleased to announce the appointment of the Revd Anna Sorensen as Rector (Designate) of North Beltisloe. Anna has recently served as Priest in Charge of the Billingborough Benefice.

Further details on Anna’s life and ministry to date may be found here:

Biography for The Revd Anna Sorensen.pdf, 439 KB PDF document

The date and time of the licensing service will be announced in due course.

In addition, the Bishop of Grimsby has recently licensed the Revd Pamela Reeves to serve as Associate Rector of The Wolds Gateway Group (half-time), and the Revd Julia Clark to serve as NSM Associate Vicar of the Benefice of Brumby. A short biography relating to Julias life and ministry to date is available here:

Biography for The Revd Julia Clark.pdf, 938 KB PDF document

Please hold all of the above, and the parishes in which they will serve, in your prayers.