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Relicensing of Readers

21 April 2016

Bishop Christopher has been pleased to officiate at two recent services for the Relicensing of Readers in the diocese. These two services, held in St Hugh's Chapel at Edward King House in March and April, were further to the service held in the Cathedral in October.

In offering some words of reflection, the bishop expressed his gratitude for all that Reader ministry brings to the life of the diocese, particularly highlighting the valuable opportunities that Readers have to make local connections and their important role as lay theologians. 



As has been highlighted in the diocesan e-bulletin, the Central Readers Council is to celebrate 150 years of Reader ministry by sponsoring Follow 2016, a Christian day festival open to everyone of any age or denomination. This will be held on Saturday, 16th July 2016 at DeMontfort Hall, Leicester (10am-4pm).


For further information on Reader ministry in the diocese please see here