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Showing care for our seafarers at Christmas

10 November 2017


Jake Pass (Senior Port Welfare Officer, The Mission to Seafarers – Humber and Trent Ports) invites help to support our seafarers at Christmas...

The Mission to Seafarers strives to meet the needs of all seafarers and their families, irrespective of faith or cultural background. Its simple mission is to care for the shipping industry’s most important asset: its people. Seafarers can be separated from their friends and families for up to a year and precious shore leave is not always available. Our Chaplains and an army of volunteers visit ships, offer hospitality, drive minibuses and engage in a range of other welfare activity.

Here on the Humber we visit ships calling at the ports of Grimsby, Immingham, Hull, The Trent Ports and Goole, as well as a number of smaller berths along the River Humber and River Ouse.  We work in an ecumenical partnership with Roman Catholic colleagues from The Apostleship of the Sea. Our ministry is growing and we are excited for the work that God is doing in the Humberports.

The seafarers who we will see over the Christmas period won’t be with their families on Christmas Day; they won’t get to share in the joy of Christmas in the same way that most of us will. Our team here on the Humber hands out hundreds of gifts each year, and the joy that this brings is electrifying and the seafarers remember the kindness shown to them. The presents we distribute are more than just the items inside, they are also an expression of love shown by strangers in a foreign land and it is a reminder that we ashore haven’t forgotten them.

Our Christmas ashore would not be the same without the seafarers who man the vessels that bring us 90% of the goods we need and want. If you would like to support our Christmas appeal, please see below for a list of items that go into our Christmas parcels:

  • toothbrushes

  • toothpaste

  • razors

  • shaving cream

  • jelly sweets

  • pens and pencils

  • deodorant

  • shower gel and soap

  • tissues

  • playing cards

  • workmen’s gloves

  • thick socks

Any donations will go a long way to creating the hundreds of parcels we will distribute this year. Please do get in touch if you would like to arrange collection of items or to drop them off at the Seafarers Centre.

Jake Pass may be contacted either by calling 07387 02 23 75 or via email.