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St Nicholas Lincoln set to host a 'CPR Sunday'

30 August 2017


The parish church of St Nicholas in Newport, Lincoln, is to hold a CPR Sunday this Sunday (Sunday, 3rd September 2017).

To be held in support of BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Save a Life campaign, which is encouraging as many people as possible to receive training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from LIVES and St John Ambulance, Sundays 10am service is to include an interview with the Chief Executive of LIVES.

The service is then to be followed by an opportunity for people to receive CPR training, with a further training event to be held in the autumn.

All are welcome, and further information on the church may be obtained from the church website.

The current issue of Crosslincs (September/October 2017) includes an article that offers some background to the current Save a Life campaign. The article is reproduced in full below.

The Bishop of Grantham and the Bishop of Grimsby have recently taken part in BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Save a Life campaign. As BBC producer Lucy Parry explains, the campaign is inpired by a local story...

I can never really describe the moment I found out that Charlotte Wright, my dear friend and BBC Radio Lincolnshire colleague, had suffered a cardiac arrest while out running. It still seems so unreal, so shocking, so unexpected. To put it bluntly, just half-an-hour after taking her three young children to school, she lay dying on the pavement. Her heart had stopped beating; technically she was dead.

But then there was hope. We learned that someone had stopped to give Charlotte cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This changed everything. Steve Race was driving along Nettleham Road in Lincoln when he thought he saw a heap of clothes. He stopped, saw Charlotte, and, remembering skills he had learnt decades earlier as a young army cadet, started CPR. A few minutes later, nurse Josie Vincent – who was also driving past – stopped and took over until an ambulance arrived. A paramedic then used a defibrillator and literally brought Charlotte back to life.

Staff at the radio station were understandably shocked by what had happened. Charlotte has no underlying heart condition, and doctors don’t know why it happened. Just six weeks later, Charlotte was back at work and reunited with Steve and Josie – her Good Samaritans – who saved her life. Inspired by Charlotte’s story, BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Save a Life campaign was launched and we want to give CPR training to thousands of people. 

We are working with volunteers from St John Ambulance and LIVES. In the first 12 weeks, we trained 10,000 people – including hundreds of schoolchildren and two bishops – and we would like churches to host training sessions. CPR is easy to learn and it doesn’t involve mouth-to-mouth. For more information, please email or call us on 01522 51 14 11.