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The Bishop of Lincoln gets behind local producers

16 January 2015

Voting for the national BBC Food and Farming Awards ends on 26th January, and as a faith leader in a large agricultural Diocese, the Bishop of Lincoln is encouraging the people of Greater Lincolnshire to support local producers and caterers in this year’s awards.

The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson said that he “wholeheartedly supports” the awards, which aim to honour those who have done most to promote the cause for good food. He hopes we will all take advantage of this great opportunity for the diocese to get behind the county’s food producers.

The Bishop of Lincoln said: “One of my challenges since becoming Bishop in this great county is to manage my intake of the amount of very excellent food I’m offered everywhere I go!” He went on to say, “Greater Lincolnshire really is the heart of food production in the UK, with fish processing in Grimsby, cereals, dairy, meat and egg production across the county, and the great vegetable producing areas in the south east, and what I find really heartening is the way farmers, food producers and caterers have faced modern challenges and come up with really imaginative ways to promote our excellent food.

“We should all be very proud of what is achieved in the region, and support those who work incredibly hard to help feed our country.”

In 2012, Lincolnshire’s Jane Harrison was a finalist in the ‘Best Public Caterer’ category of the annual awards.

Jane, who works at Red Hen Children’s Day Nursery in Louth, became a finalist through her work championing healthy lifestyles for young children, and was delighted to be recognised.

“It was an honour to be given national recognition for the work we do at Red Hen,” said Jane.

“It was also a nice pat-on-the-back for Lincolnshire farming, letting the public know about the importance of farming to provide the food we eat.“

Jane has gone on since to become a judge for the Nursery World Annual Food Awards and continues to teach young people about the importance of farming in Lincolnshire. Few areas contribute as much to the industry as we do in Greater Lincolnshire, and we hope you will vote for farmers and food producers that inspire you, to let them know how much they are appreciated for all they do.

To vote, visit

Nominations are now open and voting closes at midnight on 26th January.