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The Homily Resources Pilot Project goes live

02 March 2017

The Diocesan Liturgical Committee (DLC) is offering the opportunity for all churches across the diocese to be part of a pilot project using homily resources produced by members of the DLC, and which are to be used between Lent and Pentecost.

The committee is aware that in some parts of the diocese there are churches that are not able to offer regular patterns of weekly worship, and it is also aware that it can be difficult for people to travel and that it can sometimes be difficult to encourage people to worship in different churches within the same parish or benefice for joint services. This pilot project might be helpful for churches where there are people within a community who would value meeting together more regularly for worship.

As part of the project, the DLC will provide a Service of the Word order of service that can be led by a member of the laity, possibly a churchwarden or authorised lay minister (ALM). The liturgies are taken from Common Worship and New Patterns for Worship and include words of welcome, confession, a gospel reading and homily (provided on separate sheets), a declaration of faith, and an outline of prayers where opportunity can be given for open prayer time or for prayers to be led by the person leading the service. 

For further background information, and the resources, please follow this link