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Thy Kingdom Come: a global wave of prayer

31 May 2017


As well as a large, hand-drawn labyrinth, which is currently available in the South Transept of Lincoln Cathedral, a series of interactive prayer stations are set to be made available for people to use in the Cathedral Chapter House. 

Based around the idea of a 24/7 prayer room, people will be able to spend time exploring different ways of praying for the world, friends and family and for themselves. 

Between the hours of 7.30am and 10pm on Thursday, 1st June, the Chapter House will be open to anyone (from 5pm onwards, please use the external, side entrance to the Chapter House). On Friday, 2nd June, the prayer stations will be available from 7am until 5pm.


As previously highlighted, on Saturday evening at 7.30pm there will be a very special ‘beacon event in the Cathedral. This promises to be a great opportunity for all to come together at a free event and to hear how people around the diocese have engaged with Thy Kingdom Come. More details are available at

Meanwhile, we have been receiving details of various events and activities around the diocese. For example, Year 2 pupils from Harlaxton Church of England Primary School placed a wonderful display of prayers in their parish church to mark this global ‘wave of prayer(pictured below)During their time in church, they also lit a candle to remember their families and local community, and also those who died, and the families and communities who are grieving, following the terrorist attack in Manchester.



At Ascension, the parish of Lincoln St Mary Magdalene with St Paul in the Bail and St Michael on the Mount celebrated the Eucharist on the site of St Paul in the Bail. The altar of the Victorian St Paul’s church was taken from St Mary’s back to this site, where Christian worship is reported to have taken place since the third century. Always a popular service, this year’s occasion also coincided with the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come 2017.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend a youth camp organised by St Hugh’s Church, Old Brumby, included an outdoor Thy Kingdom Come service, the making of Thy Kingdom Come prayer boxes and kites and the walking of a prayer labyrinth, and the young people also produced artwork representing their hometown of Scunthorpe. In addition, a prayer labyrinth and prayer stations have also been set up in the church. 

The South Cliff Group of Churches hosted a Thy Kingdom Come day, which included:
8am at Marston – Celtic Morning Prayer, followed by coffee and croissants 

10am at Normanton on Cliffe – Holy Communion plus hymns in a church that is in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust

Midday at Caythorpe – a variety of activities: ‘Bright Ideas for All Ages’

3pm at Carlton Scroop – an exploration of the churchyard, which is a ‘God’s Acre’, with the poetry of G. M. Hopkins and John Donne and readings from the Old and New Testaments  

7pm at Fulbeck – Evening Prayer 

8pm at Hough on the Hill – Franciscan Night Prayer

A Prayer Walk is currently taking place in Lawres Deanery. In the days between Ascension and Pentecost, the walk will cover 55 miles and include time for prayer in 30 churches, and all are most welcome to join the walkers (pictured below, leaving Nettleham at the beginning of the Prayer Walk)

On Tuesday, 30th May 2017, the walkers will be heading for Glentham from Hackthorn, and then the pattern will be as follows:

Wednesday, 31st May: 9.30am  Morning Prayer at St Peters Church, Glentham (destination: Fillingham)

Thursday, 1st June: 9.30am  Morning Prayer at St Andrews Church, Fillingham (destination: Brattleby)

Friday, 2nd June: 9.30am  Morning Prayer at St Cuthberts Church, Brattleby (destination: South Carlton)

Saturday, 3rd June: 9.30am  Morning Prayer at St John the Baptist, South Carlton (destination: Riseholme)

Sunday, 4th June: 4.30pm  leaving St Marys Church, Riseholme (destination: a Pentecost Celebration at All Saints, Nettleham, which is to be held at 6.30pm. All are welcome to come and share in the walks and this event).


At St Mary & St Nicolas Spalding, there are two prayer stations in the church using ‘Conversations in the In-Between’. There has already been a Prayer Walk around the town centre, the church’s usual daily services of Morning and Evening Prayer will include prayers for people to come to know Jesus, and the teenage group, ‘The Sundaes’, have made prayer bands to pray for five friends.

Churches Together in Deeping St James are taking part in Thy Kingdom Come from Pentecost (Sunday, 4th June) until 11th June with a 24-7 prayer room at Open Door Baptist Church. Bookings for this event may be made via the Revd Sue Paterson by calling 01778 34 18 56 or by sending an email to

The Revd Beth Weston, Anglican Chaplain at
 HMP Lincoln, writes...

Here at HMP Lincoln we decided to participate, in so far as we can, with this celebration. We began at Ascensiontide with services of the Word to celebrate the Ascension. We have since met in small groups to discuss these references made in the Psalms relating to prison:

Psalm 79 v11: ‘May the groans of the prisoners come before you; by the strength of your arm preserve those condemned to die’.

This provoked many thoughts of how ‘we’ have, by our own frailties and addictions, taken the ‘wrong roads’ and consequently some of our dear ‘bro’s’ have had their lives cut short. We prayed together that in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we should be open to the Holy Spirit, to strengthen our resolve to be the men God wants us to be; and each to fulfil our unique potential. For we are all known and loved by God.

Psalm 107 v10–16: ‘Some sat in darkness and the deepest gloom, prisoners suffering in iron chains, for they had rebelled against the word of God and despised the counsel of the Most High. So he subjected them to bitter labour; they stumbled and there was no-one to help. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains.’

This provoked great hope and faith in God. Many men shared how their faithfulness to God had lapsed but they knew He would not forsake them. One of our group reflected, “I thought I’d ‘ad it’ but many recognised that they had to be brought down to the ‘lowest point’ in order to find their way up. 

We prayed together that, in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, we should ask the Holy Spirit to refresh and sustain us so that we may not falter again.

Psalm 146 v7: ‘He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free’.

It was suggested that we remember those who love us ‘on the out’, those who care for us despite ‘what we are’ and those who need us to turn our lives around. We prayed together that, in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, we will ask the Holy Spirit to bless our loved ones, keep them safe and enable us to be ‘the people they need us to be’.

This has been a sometimes tearful, but mainly joyful, endeavour.

Further information on Thy Kingdom Come 2017 is available via the following blog