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Travelling together as Christian communities

05 April 2017


All Saints Church, Branston

As previously published, the people of the Benefice of Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth have recently been exploring the idea of pilgrimage in their local setting.

From Epiphany and on towards Easter, the Revd Lorna Brabin-Smith has been encouraging parishioners to ‘think about our private inner journeys, or the journey we make together as a Christian community’, with a varied programme of events and activities.

This programme has included meetings to follow the USPG Lent study course, a book group, pub walks, and a recent event described as The whole of the Old Testament in an hour-and-three-quarters(pictured below).



Lorna reports that the event featured a narrator and that the person pictured with the megaphone is the Voice of the Prophet. As one of the participants commented, It was great, informative and fun! I really enjoyed it, with another saying that it was Informative and entertaining!

Still to come as part of the programme is a pilgrimage walk from Bardney to Lincoln Cathedral to be held on Holy Saturday (15th April 2017). As Lorna has also said, We’ve been using the title ‘To be a pilgrim’ to look at the idea of pilgrimage from all sorts of angles. But people learn in different ways, so as well as study groups and quiet days, we also wanted to offer a wider range of options  like a book group and Pilgrims Progress pub walks. It’s been a lot of fun, and people from the three different churches have got to know each other along the way – you can have a different sort of conversation sitting around the table in the pub!

To obtain a copy of the full programme, please download the following file:

To Be A Pilgrim.pdf, 443 KB PDF document

Elsewhere in the diocese, the people of the Owmby Group and the Springline Parish are looking forward to receiving Father George Guiver CR from The Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield.

Father George Guiver CR and members of the local ministry team will be leading a specially prepared range of services and events from Palm Sunday through to the celebration of Easter Day, and an open invitation is extended to all to come and share in any or all of these services and events. 

To see the full programme, please download the following document:

Holy Week & Easter - Springline Parish & Owmby Group.pdf, 213 KB PDF document

More information on the Owmby Group is available on the group
More information on the Springline Parish is available on the group website
More information on Scampton parish church, which is part of the Springline Parish, is available here