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Worldwide internet audience for village church’s service

07 May 2015

A church on the northern border of Lincolnshire has become the first in the Diocese – and possibly in the whole of the Church of England – to broadcast a Sunday service live on social media site Twitter.

The traditional service was broadcast from St Radegund’s Church in Grayingham, near Kirton in Lindsey, to people across the UK and as far as Texas, USA. A new Wi-Fi mast has recently been installed at the church, providing super-fast broadband to the local community, and the church made use of the facility to broadcast the service on a new streaming app called Periscope.

The Revd Kathy Colwell, vicar of St Radegund’s, said that she was very excited by the opportunities presented by the new technology.

“It’s amazing and it just shows you what potential modern technology has for spreading the word,” she said.

“The Church has many special occasions we should be broadcasting to our communities, because we need to keep the Christian story alive. We now have the opportunity to broadcast events like Easter, Christmas and Ascension Day, so that the pattern of the Christian year is still there.”

A total of 354 viewers tuned into the broadcast via Twitter from the Diocese of Lincoln’s Twitter thread @CofELincoln, including @theabingdontaxi from Oxford, who said:


Another Twitter user, @Englishparish, tuned in and commented:


Kathy would encourage anyone to look into new technologies and taking their services online.

“Go for it!” she said.

“It’s a bit scary at first, but we are Christian disciples and this is a great opportunity for us to take the message of God to the world.”

If you are interested in using Periscope to broadcast any church services or events, please contact the Diocese of Lincoln Media and Communications team on 01522 50 40 37 or