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Youngstars aim for No. 1 with charity single ahead of Remembrance

04 November 2016

Several current and former choristers at Lincoln Cathedral, together with other children from across the diocese, have recently been involved in the production of a charity single with the aim of raising money for the education facility at the International Bomber Command Centre on Cannock Hill, Lincoln.

The single, called ‘Tears of the World, and recorded by the group under the title of Youngstars’, offers a message of peace and has been timed to coincide with the forthcoming services of Remembrance. The single may be obtained by download from the iTunes store, and the songs writer/producer, Mr Jim Dooley, has given permission for a copy of the song to be used at Remembrance services in return for a donation to the International Bomber Command Centre.  

The hope now is for the single to secure a high chart position, and further information may be obtained by visiting the groups website, a Facebook page, and an accompanying video, filmed on location in the diocese, may be viewed here.

The lyrics to the song are reproduced below by kind permission.

Tears of the World

Looking back through the pages of time,
It’s amazing what’s gone down,
But so much heartbreak and misfortune still around –
And no solutions found. 

Ooo yeah it’s the same old same old same old,
Turnaway we’ve heard it all before,
Just pray someone gets that voice call,
Don’t turn away we need you, we need you more and more. 

Who ooh
Who ooh ooh ooh ooh
Can do this
Who can ever put the wrongs to right. 
Who ooh can you tell us who can do this, turning all the sad faces into smiles. 
Till they come on by, it’s down to you and I 
Till they come on by, maybe we could dry
The Tears,
Don’t you think it’s time to dry the Tears of The World.
Of the World

Verse 2:
Ooh Yeah cloaked in our contentment,
Ignore the call, to us it won’t apply
It’s not fair, so much misunderstanding,
All in all, it begs the question Why?

Choruses as above. 

Copyright: Dooley Saxon Jaimes