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Sutterton parish church celebrates HLF award

29 January 2018


Following a previous announcement that St Mary’s Church in Sutterton had received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to pay for the planning of repairs and additions to St Mary’s Church (see here), a second-stage application has also been successful.

As a result, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is to receive a confirmed grant from HLF of £182,200, and this will be put towards necessary repairs to the building and also improvements to the facilities within the building.

In addition, the grant will also fund the cost of interpretive material to describe the rich heritage of the building and its place in the history of the village. It is anticipated that the work will begin in the spring and be complete in late autumn this year (the churchs renowned flower festival will take place as usual at the end of April).

Repairs to the church will consist of renewal of the lead roof and some timbers of the north transept roof, and extensive work is necessary on the masonry of the north transept and the clerestory walls of the nave. The project will include the installation of lavatories and a proper servery, which will help to ensure the continued and widened use of the building by the local community.

Local MP Matt Warman has said: “I am delighted to hear that funding of a Heritage Lottery Fund bid has been secured by St Mary’s Church Sutterton. The inclusion of the church in the 2015 East Midlands Heritage at Risk register highlighted the poor condition of this Grade I-listed place of worship and the need for repairs to safeguard its future. I am pleased that this has been recognised with a funding award to allow repairs to take place and progress to be made on installing facilities.”

Speaking on behalf of the PCC, David Mossman (Churchwarden) has said: “Over the last year or so, for those of us directly involved with the project, the Development phase has been an absorbing and deeply interesting process. There seems to be no end to the things to be discovered about the building and its associations. We can now look forward to the reality of seeing the repairs and improvements implemented and making the unfolding story of St Mary’s accessible to everyone.

Further information on forthcoming events and services at Sutterton Parish Church is available here.