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Church Land (Glebe)

Church Land (Glebe)

Glebe is land owned by the Diocese in order to provide income to pay Parochial Clergy. Prior to 1st April 1978 part of the endowment of many benefices consisted of glebe. This was property (apart from the Parsonage House and grounds) which was owned by the Incumbent by right of his office. An Incumbent could retain the glebe for his own use or he could let it and any income formed part of the stipend.

From 1st April 1978 glebe ceased to belong to individual Incumbents (in order to pool resources) and by virtue of Section 15 of the Endowments and Glebe Measure 1976 glebe became owned by the Diocesan Board of Finance of the Diocese to which the Benefice owning the glebe belonged.

When glebe land is sold, the proceeds of sale are reinvested to provide continuing income.

The appointed land agents, Messrs Jas Martin & Co. deal with all aspects of the management of the glebe portfolio working closely with the Assets and Trusts Manager.

If you have any queries concerning glebe in the Parish please contact Andrew Gosling, The Assets and Trusts Manager on 01522 50 40 86.

Any queries regarding tenancies should be addressed to the Board's agents Messrs Jas Martin & Co 8 Bank Street Lincoln LN2 1DS (01522 510234)