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Church Repair Society

The Church Repair Society for the Diocese of Lincoln

Acting Secretary: Terry Bowker
Telephone 01724 783553

Your church was handed to you in trust, will it be there for future generations to use and cherish? Join the Society and you will receive half the cost of your Quinquennial Inspection, up to a maximum of £250.

The Church Repair Society is an association of parishes which subscribe to the Society and have democratic control of it. All the officers and committee members are elected, unpaid volunteers. They provide a great source of knowledge and information on all the problems and difficulties
besetting those responsible for the upkeep of our churches today.

The Society was founded in 1984 in the North-East of the Diocese against a background of mounting pressure on church buildings through continuing decay, inflation and rising costs.

The Society is a local, independent resource, recognised and supported by the Diocesan Office and an increasing number of churches have become members of avail themselves of our expertise in finance, architecture, law and church practice.


A problem to be solved
For many, the cost of church repairs has increased much faster than church income, and there is ever present the tendency to put off repairs until tomorrow. However, delayed repairs only aggravate the deterioration of a building and alarmingly increase the cost of the repairs which are, in the long run, inevitable.

The church repair society is ready and willing to help you!!
Join the Society and receive half the cost of your Quinquennial Inspection (up to a maximum of £250). You must be a member for the five year period in which the Inspection is carried out.

Enter your church into the Repair Scheme, for no additional cost, and we will offer:

  • A simple but reliable scheme for paying for repairs by regular saving
  • The opportunity to have the repairs and emergency work done quickly
  • An emergency loan facility
  • Advice about finance and grants
  • Good rates of interest on all savings
  • A way to prevent small problems growing into big ones
  • Security for the future

Membership of the society
All Parochial Church Councils in the Diocese of Lincoln are invited to become members of the Society, whether or not they intend to enter a building into the Scheme, and the current subscription is £30.00 per annum.

About The Scheme
The Church Repair Society runs a Scheme, the object of which is to keep buildings in repair. The best time to enter a building is immediately after a Quinquennial Inspection which will show
the surveyor's estimated costs of repairs over the following five year period. This forms the basis of the ‘Church Repair Rate' which will be paid by the PCC into their Repair Fund during the following five year period.

Download further information: Church Repair Society Leaflet

Or join today by downloading and completing the documents below: 
Church Repair Society Application Form 
Church Repair Society Standing Order Instruction