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Metal Theft

Theft of metal from our church buildings represents one of the biggest challenges currently facing the diocese. On this page you will find advice on what to do if your church has been targeted, and links to the key resources available to you in protecting your church building.


What to do if your church has been targeted for metal theft:

Police: You will need to contact the police to report the crime, receive a crime number, and provide any details which can be used to support the police's continuing work to prevent metal theft in the Diocese.

Insurance: Contact your insurer as soon as possible, providing them with the details of the theft and crime number given by the police.

Archdeacon: Informing your archdeacon is important, they will be able to direct you to any appropriate support within the Diocese and discuss the provision of temporary or replacement roofing.

Protect: Covering the exposed area of the building to ensure that it is protected from the elements is extremely important. The adverse effects of water entering the fabric of the building can add to the costs of repair. Your archdeacon can assist you in obtaining the relevant permissions. You should also speak to your inspecting architect. 

Useful Contact Information:
The Archdeacons' Office: 01522 50 40 39
Assistant DAC Secretary: 01522 50 40 45
Historic Churches Support Officer: 01522 50 40 48

Guidance Notes:
The Diocese works alongside other organisations affected by the issue of metal theft. Please consult the guidance provided by these bodies to ensure you are fully aware of the advice they give.

Historic England

Ecclesiastical Insurance

Other Useful Links:

Lincolnshire Police

Humberside Police