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If you are looking for information relating to Parochial Fees, please follow the following link

A copy of the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance Ltd Annual Report 2016 is available below:

Annual Report 2016.pdf, 4001 KB PDF document

Please find detailed below the Annual Report and Consolidated Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2015:

Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance Ltd - Annual Report 2015.pdf, 2702 KB PDF document

See also: Revision of Church Electoral Roll 

Information on automatic enrolment for pensions:

Automatic_Enrolment_FAQs.pdf, 172 KB PDF document

Purchase Order Information:

Instructions for staff.docx, 14 KB Word document
Purchase Order - 2015 version.xlsx, 14 KB Spreadsheet document

Travel policy:

TRAVELLDTBF.docx, 40 KB Word document

VAT Buffer Fund
Parishes with listed church buildings are entitled to claim grants from government agencies equivalent to the VAT on certain repairs. However, the grants can only be claimed after the payments have been made, and for large projects the additional cost of VAT creates cash flow problems for parishes. The VAT Buffer Fund is available to provide short-term interest-free loans to assist parishes with this difficulty.

If you feel this would help your parish with short-term cash-flow issues caused by repairs, please contact Ann Treacy, Director of Finance at the diocese, on 01522 504054 or via email

JustGiving claims back over £1.6m in Gift Aid for charities, after HMRC ruling change
As reported in July 2016 on the JustGiving blog, 'Following months of discussion, JustGiving was delighted with HMRC’s recent decision to update its guidance regarding GiftAid'. To read more, please follow this link and look for the entry dated 21 July 2016:

Data Overview
A Data Overview for the Diocese of Lincoln has been published and may be downloaded here:

Diocese of Lincoln - Data Overview.pdf, 1326 KB PDF document

Parishes are also reminded that copies of the PCC Accounts for 2016 need to be sent to the Finance Department, as is the case every year. This is a legal requirement. We are happy to receive either paper copies (sent to The Finance Department, Edward King House, Minster Yard, Lincoln LN2 1PU) or scanned copies via email to Paula Rowett, if that would be more convenient.