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Parish share and the common fund

What is the common fund?

The money to support the work of the diocese is called the common fund. It is used to pay for stipendiary parish priests and curates, diocesan mission and ministry, and administration.

Where does the money come from?

The fund is made of three broadly equal revenue streams:

  • Our historic assets (gifts from the faithful in the past). This is made up of income from glebe land and other diocesan investments

  • Parish share

  • Fees and grants etc

Why do we need a common fund?

We need funds to drive and support the growth of Christian mission across the Diocese of Lincoln.

The funds need to be distributed in an equitable way to meet the mission and pastoral needs, as identified by deaneries and mission communities, with the support of the bishops and archdeacons.

The Bishop’s Council will invest a proportion of the diocese’s historic assets in funding current, and much needed additional, stipendiary clergy.