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Social Justice Fund

The Bishop of Lincoln's Social Justice Fund was created out of a desire, expressed by Bishop Christopher, to make historic funds available to the people of greater Lincolnshire to help transform lives in the traditions of basic Christian beliefs – to love your neighbour as yourself.

The purpose of the fund is to deliver two of the marks of mission, namely:

  • Respond to human need by loving service

  • Seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation

We are looking to build fair, just, sharing communities for people living in greater Lincolnshire and to make life more comfortable, and ease distress and isolation for those most in need.

How much money is available?

It is hoped that the fund will invest up to £1m into schemes, groups and organisations in greater Lincolnshire to help improve social justice across greater Lincolnshire.

Grant awards will normally be for between £5,000 and £25,000 and will be made in advance.

Where did the money come from?

The fund is made up of £667k from the Diocese of Lincoln historic assets, and £333k from the Government in a match-funded scheme. It is managed by an independent trust with 7 trustees (four appointed by the diocese of Lincoln, and three appointed by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation).

Who can apply?

The fund will be available to groups that are:

  • Churches involved in Social Justice work rather than direct mission activity.

  • Voluntary or community organisations who should ideally be able to provide evidence they have links to a local church community. Not statutory agencies.

  • Locally run and managed. We are unlikely to fund organisations that are local branches/organisations of a larger regional or national organisation.

What sort of projects will be funded?

Projects that are most likely to receive funding will be in the following categories:

  • Social cohesion

  • Isolation

  • Poverty

  • Older people

  • Children and young people

When can we apply?

The panel will sit four times per year to consider applications. The closing dates for these are 14th Sept, 1st Dec, 1st March and 1st June. Payments will be made in advance, and funds are to be spent within a year of receipt (unless otherwise agreed).

Who will decide?

The panel is made up of community activists, representatives from the diocese and representatives from the foundation. Every effort is made to ensure your application is as strong as possible, and reading the guidance notes and talking with Sue Fortune should help your bid for grant funding is successful.

How do we apply?

Please contact Ian Thompson, at Lincolnshire Community Foundation, who is administering the scheme.

Email: or telephone : 01529 305825