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If you have concerns

What to do if you have concerns

If someone needs urgent medical treatment or a crime is being committed dial 999.

Do not 'interview' the child or adult who may be vulnerable or ask any more questions than are necessary to enable you to feel you are clear enough about what has happened.

Signs and symptoms of child abuse can be found here: Child Abuse: signs and symptoms.

If you have concerns do not keep them to yourself. In the first instance talk in confidence to someone who can help. This may be your supervisor, line manager, NSPCC, designated person in the parish, parish priest, or the Diocese of Lincoln's Child and Adult Safeguarding Advisor - see below.

If, after this discussion, you still have concerns, and consider the child, young person and their parents, or vulnerable adults and their carers could benefit from further services, you and your manager or advisor should consider what can be done to help:

  • Can the parish offer befriending or are there other local services e.g. mother and toddler club, sure start centre/age concern services etc. that might assist?

  • If you want further advice before deciding what to do speak with the Diocese of Lincoln's Child and Adult Safeguarding Advisor - see below.

  • Does this matter need a referral to the local council's children's or adults' services?

Unless your concern involves abuse in the family itself and would place the young person/vulnerable adult in danger, share what you are going to do with the family and the young person/vulnerable adult depending on their ability to understand.

Make a note about significant information, e.g. what you saw, when you were told, who you spoke to and when you made a referral.

If you have any comments or need help contact the Safeguarding Adviser

Debbie Johnson
T: 07712 321361

(Debbie normally works Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but regardless of the day, please leave a message on her answerphone, and she will respond as soon as she can).

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