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Mandatory Safeguarding Training


To help support the training delivered by the diocesan safeguarding team, completion of an online safeguarding training course will be mandatory for anyone who has a role within the church. The course is free, and is supported by the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults and Children Board. This training is complementary to the group training and does not replace it.

This e-learning course must be completed before attending any courses run by the diocesan safeguarding team, and a ‘certificate of completion’ will be required on the day of face-to-face training. If you are unable to print a certificate upon completion of the online module, please advise the trainer when you attend the diocesan training session.

To undertake the online safeguarding training course ‘Safeguarding Everyone’, please follow the instructions below (a PDF guide is also available at the foot of the page):

Please note: to ensure that you are able to print off the certificate upon completion of the e-learning, please access the training via Google Chrome [Google Chrome can be download for free if you do not already have this browser on your computer].

Simply type into your web browser. This will take you to the ‘Virtual College’ where you will need to select ‘Register’ from the options shown. This will take you to the ‘Self-Registration’ page, where you will need to choose the ‘Register’ option at the end of the text.

You will now be taken to the Self-Registration page. Please select the following options from the drop-down menus, which will enable you to log on to the site (please note: there is no charge for this; please put 0 in this box):

Organisation                Armed Forces, Faith Sector and other organisations

Department                 Faith Sector

Sub Department         Lincoln Diocese

Please select ‘Register’ to continue.

You will now be directed to the New User Registration page. Please enter your information. When choosing from the drop-down menu for ‘role’ please select ‘volunteer’ until a more appropriate selection is made available for use by the diocese. Once completed, a user login and password will be generated automatically – please ensure that you make a note of your login and password before continuing. You will also be prompted to confirm that your name is recorded in the correct format, as this is how it will be printed on your certificate upon completion of the online training session (please accept or change, as amendments are not possible after this point).

You can now continue by selecting ‘click here to logon’ and enter your username and password to enter the Active Learning Page. Select ‘Requested Learning’ and then the ‘Course Request’ options, and a list of all the online training sessions will be shown. Please select the mandatory training course titled ‘Safeguarding Everyone’.

Once you have selected a training option please click on ‘Request Course’ at the bottom of the page. Your course will now be available for completion online (you do not have to complete the module in one sitting; it can be saved and returned to at a later date).

If you encounter any difficulties in accessing this training, please contact

Please remember to print off the certificate upon completion of the session and bring it along to any safeguarding training session that you attend.

If you do not have access to a computer or the internet to complete this training, please talk to your incumbent and/or Safeguarding Parish Co-ordinator in the first instance for assistance.

[Note: you do not need to wait until you are booked into a diocesan training event to complete the online module. The online training can be completed at any time, and we would advise that those who are not due to renew their safeguarding training do complete the online module so as to complement and reinforce their current understanding of safeguarding.]

Page last updated: 26th May 2017

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