If you have been affected by abuse within the church and you would like information about accessing appropriate support. A list of people and organisations who can help you can be found below the purple box.

The Church of England is seeking applications from those who have experienced any form of abuse or harm to join the National Redress Scheme Victim and Survivor Working Group. This working group is a body that will bring together key stakeholder representatives to provide experience and advice in connection with the development of the National Redress Scheme. The engagement of representatives as part of the Group will be paramount in the development of the Scheme to ensure those affected by abuse, harm or neglect by the Church access the right care and support as early as possible. Find more details HERE(16/07/2021)

Safeguarding Advocate for the Diocese of Lincoln

Gemma Marks-Good is a qualified Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate (IDSVA) employed by the Diocese of Lincoln.

The focus of her role is to offer an independent listening ear and to provide appropriate advice to people who want to notify someone about abuse they have experienced themselves, or have become aware of the abuse of others, within the church context, whether that abuse took place recently or in the past.

Gemma offers advice and support to the Bishop and his senior staff, clergy and church officers about all aspects of abuse within a church context. Her role is further defined within the Home Office guidance 2017.

You may find the following documents useful: 

The following is an outline of the support that Gemma offers survivors:

  • Regular and ongoing telephone contact and/or face-to-face meetings
  • Helping people to gain access to support services available that address both short and long-term needs.
  • Helping them to assess any risk that they and others might be facing and then helping them to develop safety and support plans that are individual to their needs.
  • Helping them to understand better the church-based complaint route.
  • Helping them to have their voice heard so that if their aim is to share their experience to better inform church practice or ensure better support of others, that they are heard in the right forums and their anonymity and confidentiality are protected.
  • Liaison with the police – supporting a survivor if they wish to make a report of an assault to the police if that person chooses to do so.
  • Helping them to understand better how the criminal justice and court process works.
  • Accompanying them to any police interview, court proceeding or complaints meeting.
  • Civil redress - Supporting survivors in seeking civil redress or in making a complaint through internal mechanisms that address the conduct of the person who harmed them.
  • Helping them with accessing other services such as health screening and counselling.

Gemma can be contacted on: 01522 504079 or 07487 242910. Her email is: [email protected]

Victim Lincs

Is an independent secular support organization that puts victims at the heart of what they do.  It was established by the Police and Crime Commissioner in Lincolnshire to ensure that anyone living, working or studying in Lincolnshire gets the support they need if they have been the victim of crime, regardless of whether they choose to report the crime to the police or not. They seek to ensure that victims are aware of their rights, have access to support and a say in what that support is.

As it is separate from the police Victim Lincs is not involved in the crime investigation

Support available:

  • Free, confidential advice and guidance either by telephone or email from a specially trained team who can provide a listening ear to talk to victims about how they are feeling
  • Advice on the support options available
  • Referral to other organizations if you feel you would like more support or to be provided with their contact details
  • A directory of the different support services available depending on your circumstances.

Victim Lincs can be contacted via: https://victimlincs.co.uk/ or on 01522 947510. This helpline is open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces is an independent source of support for anyone who feels they have experienced church related abuse of any form in England or Wales. This may have been in relation to the Church of England, Catholic Church in England and Wales or the Church in Wales.

Past Cases Review 2 (known as PCR2)

The Church of England is requiring each diocese to commission an independent review of all clergy and church officers' files. This is to ensure that all known recent and non-recent safeguarding concerns in relation to children and adults, have been appropriately managed and reported. This process is known as Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2).  More detailed information about PCR2 can be found following this link https://www.lincoln.anglican.org/03-pcr2-review .

Part of this review invites all those who have experienced abuse by a church officer to have their story and voice heard by independent reviewers of the Church’s safeguarding processes.  Please click HERE for more information.

Please click HERE for the Diocese's Survivor Support Strategy.

Other secular services <please follow this link>