The PCR2:

PCR2 stands for ‘Past Cases Review 2’ and is a national independent review of the handling by the Church of safeguarding cases over many years. The purpose of the PCR2 is to ensure that all known cases of concerns about the behaviour of clergy and church officers towards children and vulnerable adults have been dealt with appropriately. It will also seek to identify and address those cases which have not been acted upon appropriately. It will be carried out in all parishes in all Diocese in the Church of England.

The objectives are:

  • To ensure all known safeguarding cases have been appropriately identified and managed
  • The needs of known survivors have been considered and supported
  • All identified risks have been assessed and mitigated as far as is reasonably possible
Timeframe for PCR2 completion:

The PCR2 was launched by the Church of England in August 2019. The Diocese of Lincoln published their Executive Summary Public Report in October 2022 as the National Safeguarding Team also published the National Report.

Guidance on the PCR2 process:

The Church of England National Safeguarding Team have issued national guidance and protocol for all dioceses to follow. This can be found at:

Contacting the Diocese of Lincoln PCR2 team:

If you have any questions relating to the PCR2 work within the diocese please email them to: [email protected]

Raising safeguarding concerns:

Anybody who would like to give information or make disclosures about church-related abuse is asked to email the Diocesan Safeguarding Team via the email address: [email protected]

For anyone who would rather not contact the diocese directly, a specialist national helpline has been set up to operate independently of the church.

From September 23rd, new callers wishing to receive support through Safe Spaces will be supported through the interim provider, Splitz Support Service. Splitz Support Service has been providing advocacy services for over 30 years, and has previous experience in supporting victims and survivors of Church-related abuse. This interim service will be available via telephone and email. The phone line will remain the same 0300 303 1056 From September 23 the email address will be [email protected]


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