10 Top Tips for Churches

These resources provide quick, easy to read guidance on a range of aspects of the Christian life and point to additional help and opportunities to explore further. They cover topics as varied as leading intercessions and maximising the efficiency of your church energy use. Follow the links below to find out more, and please do share your feedback with the team at the College of St Hugh.

Daily Discipleship

Daily Devotionals - Find ways to have a rhythm of prayer throughout your day.

 Is God Calling? - A leaflet on discerning God's calling for you. 

 Faith at Work - Applying your faith to your everyday work. 

Participating in Public Worship

Leading Intercessions - Help with leading intercessions during a service. 

 Reading - Tips on Reading the Bible in Church. 

Business, Buildings & Burial Grounds

  Church Energy - Minimising energy use, as part of our care for God’s creation.

If you have any suggestions for any future 10 Top Tips you would like to see here, please send a message to [email protected]