Discover some of Lincolnshire's remarkable parish churches at this fascinating talk, delivered on Zoom over two weeks by our Historic Churches Support Officer, Dr Matthew Godfrey.

The talks will cover churches from the earliest Anglo-Saxon settlements through to the surge in restorations during the Victorian age and Matthew will be explaining their development, sharing some interesting local facts and pointing out some architectural rarities. For instance, Lincolnshire has the church that was the inspiration for the Hornby railway model church. It also has just the one thatched church in a county where once there were many.

The talk takes place over two weeks with the first instalment focusing on the Anglo-Saxons through to the Black Death in 1349, with the second instalment a week later picking up from the late 14th century through to the Victorians.

The talks will also offer those who attend the opportunity to find out more about a National Lottery funded project being delivered by the Diocese of Lincoln. The Building Capacity in the Rural Parish Church in Lincolnshire Project is seeking to recruit and train volunteers in the art of writing grant applications to assist rural parish churches in some of the most rural areas of the diocese. Successful bids will fund vital church building maintenance projects so that these historic places can continue to be used, visited and enjoyed by all. (Details about the project can also be found on our website here.) 

Both instalments of the talk will take place at 2pm, via Zoom, with the first on Thursday 25 February and the second a week later on Thursday 4 March. The talk is free to attend but booking is essential. To register, please visit: Alternatively, bookings can be taken by Caroline, the Project Officer, on 07708 134 131 or by email: [email protected]